Physiological Adaptation questions make up approximately 10% of the questions on the NCLEX-PN and 14% of the questions on the NCLEX-RN. These questions are about providing care for clients who have acute, chronic, or life-threatening health conditions. Some of the topics covered include fluid imbalances, pathophysiology, medical emergencies, and unexpected responses to therapies. Our free NCLEX Physiological Adaptation practice questions will help with your test prep review.

NCLEX Physiological Questions

  1. Question 1 of 32A nurse is teaching a patient with type one diabetes about measures to prevent long-term complications of the disease. The nurse should include which of the following instructions?
    • Wear slippers when hanging out around the house.
    • Wear knee-high nylons instead of pantyhose.
    • Wear shoes made of artificial fibers.
    • Avoid wearing insulated boots in cold weather.